I18n features of HellHound is based on [tempura](https://github.com/ptaoussanis/tempura The initialize-i18n function should be called at the beginning of the application in order to set the default configuration and dictionary.

The required dictionary should be in the following format:

(def my-dict
  {:en-GB ; Locale
   {:missing ":en-GB missing text" ; Fallback for missing resources
    :example ; You can nest ids if you like
    {:greet "Good day %1!" ; Note Clojure fn-style %1 args

 :en ; A second locale
 {:missing ":en missing text"
  {:greet "Hello %1"
   :farewell "Goodbye %1"
   :foo "foo"
   :bar-copy :en.example/foo ; Can alias entries
   :baz [:div "This is a **Hiccup** form"]}

  :example-copy :en/example ; Can alias entire subtrees

  {:__load-resource ; Inline edn content loaded from disk/resource

And the initialization should be like:

(init my-dict :en)

; You can change the current language later like this:

(set-locale! :fa)


(init dictionary lang)

Set the default dictionary of the i18n system. This function should be call at the begining of your application.


(set-locale! lang)

Set the current locale to the given value.


(t & args)

Translate the given string according to the current locale.