The default web/websocket server component of HellHound.

This component provides a webserver based on aleph. In order this use this component simply call the factory function. It’s going to get the configuration from the environment edn file and returns a component map.


(default-factory)(default-factory hooks)

Returns a new webserver component which uses the default routes and configuration of HellHound.

TODO: more docs



(factory routes)(factory routes hooks)(factory routes hooks config)

Returns a new webserver component by the given routes and an optional config map.

The routes argument should be a valid HellHound route collection, compatible with bidi library. Hellhound provides a helper namespace for dealing with routes. Checkout hellhound.http and hellhound.http.route namespaces for more info.


(start! routes hooks config)

Returns a start function for the webserver component.

The return function starts the webserver using the given routes and config map.

NOTE: This function RETURNS a start function.


(stop! this)

Stops the running webserver server.